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Serving Local Contractors and Architects Since 1989

Your One-Stop Shopping Solution For All of Your Disposal and Demolition Needs


Wouldn’t it be nice if …
… all of your remodeling jobs started with the walls and ceilings stripped down to the framing, the insulation removed, the sub floor exposed, and the nails all pulled?
… your dumpster arrived when you’ve requested it versus it arriving after you’ve generated a giant pile of debris and your crew is standing around with nothing to do?
… you had a company you could rely on to pick up that final bit of debris and leave the area as clean as you would?
Mark-One, Inc. can make these dreams a reality.

We recognize the importance of timing to everyone involved with your remodeling project. Timing is critical to the homeowner because they want their home back as quickly as possible. Timing is critical to the crew on site doing the work because time equals money and there just isn’t room for delays. Finally, timing is critical to you because you need to focus on building your business, not managing the details.

We want to be part of your team. We will work hard to create a long term relationship built on professional service and quality work. The success of your company is important to us and we want the opportunity to alleviate some of the headaches you deal with on a daily basis.

Here’s why Mark-One, Inc. is a great solution for contractors.
  • Customer Service – We consider ourselves an extension of your company and make decisions consistent with that philosophy. We follow through on our promises and work hard to consistently exceed your expectations.
  • Professional Crews – Our uniformed crews are well trained, hard working, and courteous. We are one of the few companies in the demolition and disposal industries to offer benefits to our employees. As a result, our employees are career-oriented with a vested interest in your satisfaction.
  • One-Stop Shopping – In addition to our Demolition services, we also offer Dumpsters and a Job Site Pick-Up Service. Our dumpsters range in sizes from 10 yarders to 40 yarders and will be delivered when promised. Our Job Site Pick-Up Service is the perfect solution when there isn’t enough room for a dumpster or when there isn’t enough debris to warrant one.
  • One call does it all! – From start to finish we are prepared to manage all the details so you don’t have to. We do the demolition, then use our dumpsters or dump trucks to remove all the debris. When our crew pulls out, you’re left with a blank canvas ready for work on your masterpiece to begin!
  • Quick turn-around time – We can generally schedule a Dumpster or Job Site Pick-Up within a day or two.
Let Mark-One, Inc. take the dirty work out of your next project!