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Lot Clearing

Take Control of Your Property!

We have the legendary walk-behind brush cutter that reclaims and maintains overgrown land…Mark-One, Inc. can mow your thick, head-high grass and weeds!

The DR® FIELD and BRUSH MOWER works like a large, tractor-driven field mower, but is scaled down to a walk-behind size that’s ideal for keeping medium sized country properties from getting overgrown. The DR® will mow down and chop up everything from head-high field grass…to dense thickets of brush…to hardwood saplings up to 2-1/2” thick!

Available for hire on an hourly basis, with a 4 hour minimum. Hourly fee of $65/hr. includes the operator. Removal of debris is extra based on our JOB SITE PICK-UP RATES.