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Specialty Tools

Our crews are not only well trained,
they are also well equipped.

Below are some of the specialty items/tools that we may use on your projects. In some cases, additional charges beyond our normal labor rate will apply.
Bosch 12 lb. and 18 lb. Demolition Hammers

The BOSCH® 18 Lb SDS-Max® Demo Hammer delivers heavy impacts with superior precision. With impact energy reaching 9.6 ft lbs, it produces enough force to effectively complete a variety of challenging demolition projects.

Bosch 35 lb. and 65 lb. Jack Hammers

specialty-tool-bosch-jack-hammers-35-65-2XThe These demolition hammers from Bosch are powerful specialist tools for challenging chiseling work. Ideal for breaking up concrete driveways, patios, and more.

Titan Aluminum Pump Jack Staging

An aluminum Titan pump jack allows professionals to raise and lower a scaffolding platform to work safely at a height up to 48 feet. Our pump jacks are ideal for shingling, siding, building and construction, insulating, roofing, and home repair. OSHA-compliant.

Partner K950 Demolition Saw

specialty-tool-partner-K950-demo-saw-2XOne versatile saw – One of the most versatile cutoff style saws on the market. We stock various blades* to be used with these saws depending on the material being cut. Excellent on roofs, porches, decks and for the cutting of masonry and metal.
*Additional charges may apply depending on the blade.

CRAIN Cutter
795H Tight Quarters Toe-Kick Saw

This toe-kick saw is designed to cut flooring flush with a cabinet’s base. It also makes any cut flush to a wall. By using this tool we save you time because you don’t have to go back and make the finish cuts yourself.

STIHL Cutquik®
Cut-Off Machines

From the number one name in cut-off machines worldwide, these saws boast an outstanding cutting performance. We stock various blades* to be used with these saws, in both 12″ and 14″ diameters, depending on the material being cut. These machines are excellent in the demolition of roofs, decks and porches. They are also excellent on masonry and metal.

By using these machines as opposed to traditional sawzalls, we save you time, thus speeding up the completion of your project. Mark-One, Inc. has four of these machines, in various models, available.

*Additional charges may apply depending on the blade.

SUPERCHUTE® Construction Debris Chutes

Chutes Photo

These polyethylene trash chutes provide a quick, clean, and safe solution for debris removal from a multiple story structure.

We have the flexibility of providing you with either a dumpster or a pick-up truck in which to collect the debris.

Build Clean™ HEPA 360 Air Scrubber

specialty-tool-build-clean-hepa-2XBuildClean™ is different from the usual dust barriers, fans and vacuums. This innovative dust control system minimizes the migration of dust throughout your clients’ homes, giving them the exceptional experience they demand—and the recommendations you’re looking for.

Please Note: The chutes and tools listed here are not available to rent. If you hire us to do your demolition work, these are examples of specialty equipment we have available to do your job more efficiently.