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Rates for job-site pick-up service are based on the load size. Each load size comes with a labor and a weight allowance.
Load SizeUp to Lbs.Labor AllowancePrice
1/4 500< 0.50 hour$175
1/410000.75 hour$220
1/415001.25 hours$280
1/220002.00 hours$370
1/225002.75 hours$450
1/2 to 3/430003.50 hours$550
3/4 to Full40004.25 hours$650

bullet-sq-gLoad size as a percentage (%) of 15 yards.
bullet-sq-gLabor allowance refers to a total for all man hours while at the job site. ( For example: a crew of 3 on site from 11:30-12:30 would have a labor total of 3 hours).
bullet-sq-gLabor beyond allowance will be billed at $49/hour.
bullet-sq-gOverweight charge of $110/ton applies to pick-ups.
bullet-sq-gPlease see our DELIVERY ZONES for fees on pick-ups beyond our service area.
bullet-sq-gAll prices are subject to change without notice.
bullet-sq-gThere are additional charges to dispose of the following items:
Couches, Love Seats, Bulky Chairs, Ping Pong Tables, Pool Tables, Hot Tubs, Mattresses, Box Springs, Refrigerators, Freezers, Air Conditioners,Televisions, Computer Monitors, Propane Tanks and Tires. Any bulky items, not listed above, may also be subject to an additional charge.
bullet-sq-gCurrent fees available upon request.


Our dumpster rental rates are based on the size of the dumpster, in yards. The rates include disposal of the material.
Yards1015203040FILL 10 yardFILL 15 yard
Weight Limit2 tons3 tons4 tons5 tons7 tonsNoneNone

bullet-sq-gOverweight charge: $110 per ton.
bullet-sq-gRental fee: first week free, $20/week for each additional week.
bullet-sq-gFILL dumpsters containing any non-FILL material (construction debris, wood, brush, metal, etc.) or any painted FILL material (brick, concrete, cinder blocks, etc.) will necessitate that the entire load will be billed at regular dumpster rates. We cannot deliver a FILL Dumpster until we have a signed FILL Dumpster Agreement on file. Please fax or e-mail the signed agreement back to us, otherwise you MUST be present to sign the agreement upon delivery. FILL Dumpster Agreement
bullet-sq-gPlease see our DELIVERY ZONES for fees on dumpster deliveries beyond our service area.
bullet-sq-gAll prices are subject to change without notice.


Demolition services can be performed on a Fixed Price Contract or a Time and Materials basis. If you would like a Fixed Price quote, please call our office to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our estimators. Demolition services performed on a Time and Materials basis are calculated based on an hourly labor rate depending on the amount of advanced notice provided for the job. Demolition done on structures built prior to 1978 which require EPA Lead-Safe RRP Practices, are billed at $3 additional per man hour.
Advance Notice Given
For Scheduling
Hourly Labor Rate
Hourly Labor Rate Requiring
Lead-Safe EPA RRP Practices
1 week or more$49 $52
less than 1 week $53$56

bullet-sq-g4 hour minimum per person
bullet-sq-gLess than 6 hours total per person, all travel time is billed.
bullet-sq-gGreater than 6 hours total per person, one way of travel time is billed.
bullet-sq-g$3/hour additional if we don’t provide the disposal.
bullet-sq-gAll prices are subject to change without notice.


Additional charges which may apply.
All prices are subject to change without notice.
Billed as:A percentage of a 16 Yard dump truck @ $550/Full Truck up to 6,000 lbs.
Overweight Charge: $110/ton.
If on the job 12 hours or less:Pick-up rates apply. See above.

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