Convenience for contractors and architects!

Time is money! That’s why Mark-One offers contractors a winning equation for both residential and commercial remodeling. When you leave the demolition to us, you can spend your time building your business and increasing your bottom line. Here’s why clients rely on Mark-One for all their demolition needs.
Some of our services include removing walls, ceilings, floors, and fixtures from the interior and siding, decks, porches, roofs, and chimneys from the exterior. We also do basement dig-outs. Since 1989 many kitchen and bathroom remodelers have become long lasting and satisfied clients. We are cost effective and fully insured. We use SPECIALTY TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT to make projects run faster and more efficiently.

The primary advantages are:

  • You will be paid quickly as we help you to finish quickly
  • You will be able to keep a lean staff by using our services
  • You can hire us on a Fixed Price Contract or a Time and Materials basis

Hot Work Certification
HOT WORK is… “Work involving burning, welding or a similar operation that is capable of initiating fires or explosions.” NFPA’s (National Fire Protection Association) Hot Work Safety Certificate Program was created to help those in the construction industry develop awareness and understanding of dangers and safety procedures to promote safety on the work site where hot work occurs.

Why Choose MARK-ONE?

When you choose mark one, you choose consideration and protection of what matters most, your home.
Mark one specializes in selective residential and commercial work where protecting what matters most you, matters most to us. With over 30 years in the industry, mark one crews pride themselves on completing a job safely, efficiently, and without damage. From selective work to large demolition projects mark one can suit all your needs.


Here’s why Mark-One is the ideal solution to assist you with your remodeling:

One-Stop Shopping
One-Stop Shopping: With just one call to Mark-One, Inc. you can arrange to have a kitchen, bath or other area gutted, the debris removed and the site prepared for you or your subcontractors.

Debris Pick-Ups
Debris Removal: If you don’t have room for a dumpster, our dump trucks will fit into tight areas and when we leave the site, the debris leaves with us

Reduce Downtime
Reduce Downtime: While you address the punch list on the job you’re wrapping up, Mark-One, Inc. will work efficiently to get most kitchens and baths gutted in a single day. That means less downtime for you and less time your clients are without their kitchens or bathrooms.


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